The New Curator

The New Curator, published by Laurence King, showcases interviews with 26 international curators. With an emphasis on the ‘now’, this book examines the variety and richness of curating practices today, and how the traditional remit of a curator's role has blurred.

Working with rich content, Bibliothèque were commissioned to create a visual statement in a genre that is typically academic. Rectangular captions become the key organising approach, each image being treated as a piece of art. To introduce each curator, captions obscure their faces to highlight another key theme – the invisible figure behind the project. Layouts were composed with care and detail, an exercise in the curation itself, whilst the cover references the protective cardboard corners used on artworks and paintings.

Interviews include public commissions by Artangel, through to more experimental projects such as the ‘Ghetto Biennale’ in Haiti, or the Rhizome digital archive.

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