Sony Milan

Bibliothèque were commissioned to produce signage and marketing solutions for a Sony Design installation at Milan Salone, featuring a range of prototype products designed by BarberOsgerby. The concept explored the integration of audio-visual technology with product, furniture and architectural design. 

The environment takes the form of a sensory-enhanced installation, developed by Universal Design Studio. The 400m² space is entirely clad in acoustic foam cones and pyramids, creating an Anechoic chamber. This reverberation-free acoustic laboratory, enhanced the audio and visual perception of the exhibition content. 

Visitors were immersed in a total sensory experience, so information had to be clear. The signage utilised the only flat surface available – the floor. This provided the ideal space to inform and contextualise each of the five areas and prototypes to the visitors.

The marketing literature used a diagrammatic interpretation of the acoustic surfaces, contrasting with high-definition renders of BarberOsgerby’s products.

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