Olympic Archive

No other brand has been so closely associated with so many athletes, in so many sports, over so many years, as Adidas. To coincide with the 2004 Olympic Games, Bibliothèque produced spatial designs and print items for the launch of two new Adidas stores in London: a gallery concept store on Newburgh Street and the Originals store on Earlham Street.

The content was curated from the Adidas archive of original sport shoes, including those worn by legends such as Jesse Owens, Dick Fosbury and Muhammad Ali.

The brief required a display of shoes worn by a selection of medal winning athletes. The solution was a ‘forest’ of suspended transparent Perspex tubes. Each encapsulated a shoe and caption, allowing visitors a 360º view of the object. The athletic theme was reinforced by track and field graphics applied across the store interior. 

For campaign posters and brochures, the shoes were photographed in a variety of gravity-defying positions with 3D typography expressing the concept’s dynamism. The launch party invitation provided an opportunity to encapsulate the brand’s signature three stripes into the object’s core, by alternately bonding layers of white and blue board.

A collaboration with JJMarshall Associates. Photography by Dan Tobin Smith.

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