Moving Brands

Moving Brands are an independent, global creative company who work with clients to create new brands, products and experiences. They have studios in London, Zurich, San Francisco and New York.

The logo solution is a black and white geometric abstraction of the company initials, M and B. The flexible application of the marque alongside a palette of greys and an accent green provided a sophisticated visual language. 

For the guidelines, the solution was to provide the end-user with a clear overview of the identity components. Identity manuals usually contain artwork examples at reduced size. They are often a minefield of grids, measurements and specifications. To avoid these issues, we produced a 60”x40” format poster allowing us to reproduce specimens at actual size. Due to a lack of wall space (it’s a precious commodity in design studios), we suspended the poster rather than surface-mounting it. This allowed the utilization of both sides of the poster, giving maximum clarity and visual impact.

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