Flamingo are the leading global insight and strategy consultancy, who work at the intersection of people, culture and brands. They work with the world’s most successful businesses, helping enrich lives by shaping culture and evolving behaviours.

Bibliothèque were asked to develop a new identity and visual language that better reflected who they are, and spoke in a clear way about a broad range of specialisms. 

At the foundation of the identity is the ‘Cultural Lens’ – a way to take ownership of the amazing array of cultural content, that Flamingo both understands and generates. This strong visual framework enables a ‘reveal’ of its content, as a metaphor for the Flamingo viewpoint on the world. 

The website, in collaboration with Archive Studio, provides the key platform for the sharing of Flamingo’s rich seam of content. A go-to place, that helps inform businesses with a common need for consumer, cultural and strategic expertise – to help create opportunities for growth. The identity is supported by a range of communications collateral for both internal and external use. 

Flamingo’s growth is attributed to a refusal to be pigeon-holed or restrained by the confines of the industry. Their new identity further supports this forward looking attitude and a desire to be different – keeping moving to stay ahead of the pack. 


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