Core Collective

Core Collective is an independent, no membership gym and cafe based in Holland Park, London. They offer a range of pay-as-you-train fitness classes, complimented by a range of healthy foods and juices.

Bibliothèque worked closely with the Core Collective team to develop the strategy, branding, tone of voice, class naming and online booking platform.

The Core Collective logo acknowledges the idea of gauging effort by percentage. The word mark and supporting graphic language reference the bold colours and juxtapositions created by multi-layered court markings associated with sporting environments.

A no frills tone of voice was established to create an attitude-free approach. Impactful names were introduced to give a unique feel to each of the classes, whilst giving the opportunity to thread the c/c brand into each of the identities.

A bespoke website, in collaboration with Archive Studio, ties into an established online business management platform used within the fitness industry. The aim being to establish a booking system that feels far more unique than its competitors, improves the user experience, and enhances the speed of booking.

Core Collective has increased its visitor numbers and profile significantly, and the continued growth has helped it secure funding to expand to further sites.

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