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To write a brief bio on Nick Hart would exceed the word-count threshold of this website but needless to say his name is synonymous with British menswear. Where to start? Director of menswear at Kenzo Homme Paris, working with Joseph Ettedgui, Jil Sander, Dior and opening his own establishment on Savile Row (providing ‘bespoke’ for an array of A list clients – including Sean Combs and David Bowie).

This venture occupies a new space within the British menswear canon. A ‘back to zero’ endeavour referencing his London Soulboy and Punk roots, his love of Jazz (the Bebop of Miles and Coltrane), Soul and Hip Hop alongside the contemporary digital culture of Electronica. The ‘made in the UK’ collection uses a limited palette of fabrics and colour comprising of strong sculptural oversized silhouettes with an emphasis on cut and proportion.

The design for Nick’s logo echoes his approach – referencing his influences (such as the record sleeves of mid Century Jazz) but effecting it beyond recognition to avoid pastiche. The logo has been folded laterally multiple times to create a ‘typographic pleat’ – providing a brand device that integrates into the construction of the garments. The art direction and subsequent online and social executions celebrate the precision of the clothing with the contrasting interventions of the lo-res ‘artifacting’ that occurred during filming. To coincide with London Fashion Week we initiated a guerilla campaign across London.

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