Brixton Village

After years of neglect, Granville Arcade and Market Row were bought by Hondo Enterprises, who saw the untapped potential in the iconic south London location. Bibliothèque were appointed to help reinvigorate interest in the site and provide a stand-out visual identity to inspire a resurgence.

Brixton Village, located across its two sites Market Row and Granville Arcade, sits just off Electric Lane in the heart of the community. For people unaware of this local gem, however, it has proved hard to find, and communal facilities in a dilapidated state.

Hondo Enterprises bought the sites with the aim of reinvesting in them to help the existing long-term tenants, and to create a space for new adventurous businesses to thrive. They approached Bibliothèque to create a unifying identity for the sites and give them the tools to help grow footfall for the years to come.

We created a visual language around a simple, bold repeat pattern of the name, with the logo being formed by a crop of this, extending out its frame. It was important to not overshadow any of the tenants, and to let them be the main focus of the location. To achieve this we used an entirely black and white visual brand language, with the only colour coming through from the tenants themselves, be that their own branding or photography of them.

Our work to date has extended across creating the first website for Brixton Village – including all of the current tenants, as well as the wide variety of cultural events that the market hosts – in addition to an awareness advertising campaign that took place across London, featured on the city’s transport network as well as Time Out magazine.

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