Originally launched in 1986, the Adicolor concept involved a pair of pure white sneakers, sold with a set of quick drying, weatherproof pens. This allowed consumers to interact with the brand and produce their own customised sneakers. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Adicolor range, Bibliothèque were commissioned to create a series of spatial and marketing concepts that were used in several high-profile retail locations.

Adidas reissued the original range and supplemented them with a range of pre-designed shoes customised by forty two artists and designers. Contributors included Peter Saville, Henson Associates, Jim Lambie and Claude Closky.

Adidas supplied one pair of each of the trainers for display across two installations at two locations – Comme des Garçons, Dover Street Market and Footpatrol, the cult sneaker store. A shelving system, integrating mirrors, was designed to create the illusion of a pair of trainers when, in reality, only one shoe was on display. Integrated captions provided a profile of each designer, with a series of light boxes and colouring pads further enhancing the experience.

A limited edition 344 page book was given away with each Adicolor purchase. It comprised seven 40-page sections, with each section utilising a coloured paper stock to match the Adicolor palette. Each coloured section features six of the forty two contributor biographies and unique artworks alongside the final Adicolor designs.

Project produced in collaboration with JJMarshall Associates. Photography Richard Learoyd

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