108 typeface

108 – one thing / nothing / everything

A name and identity for Alan Yau based on the mythical number 108. The number encapsulates many ideas that relate to Alan’s unorthodox approach as a restaurateur, whilst acknowledging his spiritual ideology.

108 is considered sacred in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. Some Buddhists believed there are 108 emotions. There are 108 steps to many Bhuddist temples. 108 is part of the golden ration and the tetranacci sequence. In martial arts and acupuncture the body has 108 pressure points. Ultimately in Bhuddism the digits 1, 0 and 8 encapsulate the universe as one thing, nothing and everything.

The concept is consolidated through the re-imagining of an elegant numerical system (counting rods) historically used by mathematicians across Asia. The principles are re-applied to form an abstract alphabet which places the emphasis on the mystical and enigmatic, to create a visual language unique to Alan.

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